How to manage your own chaos

How the project started:

I chose Alex, a good friend of mine, as a person to analyze. Something about him just fascinates me. He is a very practical and technical guy, but also fun and outgoing. And the best part is - no matter what problem you've got on your hands, he always finds a piece of useful advice that is thought-through and rational.


We've spend a lot of time chatting, he sent me a variety of pictures to just have a look at his life. A guy with a wide-range of interests including music, software-engineering, 3D-Printing as well as Streaming and Event Technology.

Forming the Idea:

I've always seen him as a pretty laid-back casual guy - the comfortable one. You know, the type that wears a lot of merch and cargo shorts, not much thought behind that. I asked him at somepoint if there is anything I didn't know yet, I'd maybe find unusual. The answer was a picture and the words "I usually have all these things here in my pocket at all times..", he continued: "..but you also need that."